Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about driving an EV with Flux? Here are the answers to the most frequent questions our customers have:

Flux offers a short-term, flexible lease. The car will be registered to you, just like when you buy or lease a car the old-fashioned way. But, everything else is better. Our agreement terms are shorter and more flexible than traditional leases and loans, and we let you drive as many miles as you need, paying only a few cents only for each mile. Every mile you drive also counts towards the buyout price of the vehicle should you choose to purchase.

A traditional lease includes a base number of miles — usually 10,000-15,000. If you exceed that number of miles in your lease term, the leasing company typically charges a $0.20-0.25/mile penalty when you return the car. Sometimes this can cost thousands of dollars.

If you own that vehicle, every mile you drive will ultimately cost you a few cents in terms of wear and tear on the vehicle. Instead of paying little by little, you end up paying by way of large repair bills. According to AAA, the average cost per mile for gas and maintenance is $0.205/mile.

Our mileage fees, which reset every month, reflect the true cost of your driving. Even when you add the mileage fees to the base monthly fee and cost of charging, every mile you drive costs less than an equivalent gas or electric vehicle lease.

While we hope to one day serve everyone who wants to drive electric, we aren’t there quite yet. That said, Flux is currently available in more than 700 zip codes across the Bay Area and Central California, and along the coast from Carmel to Sea Ranch.

Map of Flux's service area

Yes! Whether you drive a little or a lot, an EV from Flux is a great way to take more of your hard earned money home with you rather than spend it at the pump or repair shop. Numerous gig drivers already use Flux and find it lends them the flexibility needed to drive electric while on the job. 

Flux sources the EVs we offer you through dealership partners and the local marketplace. That means the vehicles we have available are dependent on overall market demand and things like manufacturer delays due to chip shortages. While we are constantly updating our inventory and working to secure more vehicles, sometimes there is a “waitlist” period to get your EV. If you’re not seeing what you want, feel free to give us a shout

  • $100,000 for bodily injuries to any one person; $300,000 for injury/death to more than one person
  • $50,000 for property damage
  • Physical damage insurance for full value of vehicle with a maximum deductible of $500 or $1,000 (vehicle dependent)

Flux is the owner of the vehicle, and therefore will be entitled to any insurance proceeds for damage to, theft, or destruction of the vehicle. If you do not maintain the insurance we require or if the insurer does not pay a claim for any reason, you are responsible for any damage or destruction to, or loss of, the Vehicle and any loss we incur.

If you intend to use the car for any non-personal use, including, but not limited to, rideshare services, delivery services, or making the vehicle available on short-term rental services, your insurance policy must also explicitly state that you are covered to the same or greater limits as required by law and is in full force whenever using the vehicle for said services.

We accept both credit cards and ACH payments at this time, so you can pay your deposits and monthly invoices in whichever way is most convenient for you.

We work with dealers throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. We have convenient pick-up locations in Daly City, Redwood City, Hayward, and San Jose. Once you are approved to drive with Flux, an EV Specialist on our team will be in touch to coordinate vehicle pick-up and more.

Before we release the car into your possession, you will be required to make your refundable deposit and first month’s payment as well as any applicable taxes and fees.

When you sign up for an electric vehicle with Flux, we require a deposit that is refundable upon return of the vehicle, subject to an inspection. While we don’t expect the car to be as clean as the day you picked it up, we sometimes have to perform deep cleans on vehicles to make them look as good as new. 

If you choose to purchase the vehicle, the refundable deposit is applied to your purchase price.

We bill on a monthly basis, on the same day of the month you initially pick up your vehicle. (For example, if  you pick up your vehicle on November 5, you will receive your invoice on the 5th of every month following.) Invoices are sent via email.

If you choose to purchase the car from Flux, there are a number of  programs that provide up to $9,500 of rebates and grants, including the Clean Vehicle Assistance Program and Clean Cars 4 All, plus thousands in charging incentives. The Flux team can help you understand which incentives are applicable and how to get them.  

You will be eligible to purchase the vehicle at any time after having driven a minimum of 20,000 miles in the vehicle. Your buyout price will be calculated based on how long you kept the car and the number of miles you drove during that time. All mileage fees can be applied to the down payment on the vehicle should you choose to purchase.

First and foremost: please make sure you are in a safe location, and call 911 if emergency services are necessary.

If you are involved in an accident, please follow directions from your insurance provider and make sure you exchange information with the other party/ies involved.  

If you have a breakdown, please call a towing company to bring you to a dealership or certified mechanic to get repairs. 

Once you and others are safe and information has been exchanged, notify Flux of the incident at

Here’s what’s included in the warranty for your vehicle with Flux:

  • Roadside assistance 
  • A $400 annual maintenance credit voucher that covers most mechanical components on the vehicle 

Here’s what’s not included:

  • OEM warranty-covered repairs and parts
  • Breakdowns resulting from abuse, pre-existing conditions, and/or commercial use of vehicle
  • Breakdowns due to failure to perform or negligently performed maintenance service and/or repairs as recommended by the manufacturer

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