A new way to drive has arrived

Flexible electric vehicle leases that save you time and money from day one

Uber and Flux have partnered to help high-mileage drivers access the cost-saving benefits of EVs

Apply entirely online in several simple, quick steps

Pick up your new
EV at a local dealership

Get set up with a charging plan and other EV resources

Return, renew, upgrade or purchase your vehicle

Fueled by electricity

Powering your car with electricity – instead of gas – is not only cleaner, it also costs a fraction of what you pay at the pump.

Low maintenance

Say goodbye to oil changes, filter replacements, and brake jobs – because EVs don’t need them, saving you both time and money!

Our unique lease

Three-year terms, mileage caps, and hefty upfront payments are a thing of the past when you subscribe to a Flux lease.

Plus, just for Uber drivers: earn an extra $1 per ride by driving electric.